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Thursday, September 22, 2011

I started a thread on an RC enthusiast site.  I've been having some conversations there that I don't want to try to re-post here.  Here is a link to the thread there:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The latest news, and some notes.

There is some new developments to the radio control truck project.  First and most significant change is that it will no longer be a tractor trailer, but instead a large Ford F150 style pickup.  The reason for this change is quite simple:

It was free!!

I was given this fiberglass body by someone who was commissioned to make copies of it, but the customer never made final arrangements or returned calls.  The glasser was going to toss it in the dumpster or try to get $10 for it.  I showed interest and he said I could have it.

In the picture, it is simply propped up on a hand-truck (a.k.a mover's dolly, etc.) with a couple extra wheels propped against it for the front and a floorjack to hold the handtruck level.

[Edit:]  I've been saying F150 but after accidentally finding a picture on WikiPedia, it's most definitely an F250 from around '85.  Here's the pic right from Wiki:

There are some measurement notes after the jump just for a place to keep them.  They aren't worth reading.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My next LED/DCC project

My next project will be a B'Mann (trainset) GP38-2.  It's going to be my decoder tester since it is 

A.) basically empty inside, 
B.) has a real easy body to lift off, 
C.) (now) has a 9-pin wire harness and an 8-pin socket (also custom made from 1x40 IC header pins), 
D.) is simple enough that I don't think I could possibly damage it with a bad decoder, and 
E.) is cheap enough that I don't really care if something does happen.

I am going to install F0F and F0R, of course, as well as the functions that go with purple and green wires.  I was also going to install an LED on the board inside the loco with two header-pin-sockets and make a pair of jumper wires.  I could plug the jumper wires in and use them as probes to check functions that only have solder pads and do not connect through the harness.  It will still be more good practice installing LEDs and soldering in the tight places, etc.

Pictures to come; now that I have a better camera than I had, I will try to take more pictures more often.

Mike, at DieCastoms

Successful LED install

This is my first, successful LED install and I wanted to share it because I am proud of it. This is practice for installing LEDs in my 4 or 5 locos...

I'm sorry that I didn't bother to take progress photos.

Pics and a little more info after the jump..

Friday, February 25, 2011

FS: Lionel FasTrack and CW-80 controller and more!

Thank you for allowing me to join your group!

I have several items and their descriptions to list. Please read the whole post.

I have for sale 1 Lionel CW-80 80-watt AC controller. This control is listed on Lionel's site for $149.99. Please note, this control DOES NOT include a box or printed instructions of any kind, but LOOKS brand-new! A DVD is mentioned in my ad below.

I also have one complete circle of FasTrack plus two straight sections that I assume are 10 inch.

The only documentation for the power pack or track is an included "Ready-To-Run Train Set Instructional Digital Video Disk." On the back of the disk's cardboard sleeve in the upper-right corner is a number "71-4208-200"

Also included are 4 poseable figurines. All four figures can turn their heads, and have jointed hips, knees and shoulders, no elbows!
These appear to be the figures from the Polar Express set and are priced $29.99 on the Lionel site. Note that these figures ARE NOT in a box!

I also have what appear to be two thick rubber traction tires, about 1 inch in diameter.

Please ask any questions about these items ON-FORUM so that others may see the questions and answers. Please send your bids to me OFF-FORUM.

I will wait 48 hours to give everyone a chance to get their bids in. The highest bid will win it all! Winning bidder is to pay exact shipping charges for his or her preferred method of shipment.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Digitrax Equipment for sale or trade:

Any reasonable trade will be entertained. No trade will be accepted within 48
hours of the offer, to give others a chance to make offers (unless it is simply
an irrefusable offer!) Shipping will be paid by the original owners of the
equipment, please keep that in mind.

Thanks for looking.


Unless otherwise noted, all items are:
~ used, but less than 10 hours run-time
~ WITHOUT their original boxes or packing materials
~ INCLUDING original instruction manuals

(2x) DT100IR throttles (with approx 7-foot cables)
(1x) UR91 No Longer Available.
(1x) 4-foot yellow loconet cable
(1x) UP5 (This is a NON-DIGITRAX generic UP5 equivelent panel from
(1x) MS100 (NEVER used, no packaging, no instructions, almost 9 foot cable with
ferrite supressor)


(2x) UT4 throttles ( Can be either UT4 or UT4R, but not UT4D )
(1x) Locobuffer ( must have USB connection )
(1x) PR3
(1x) DTxxx throttle (Any DT throttle will do)
(?x) decoders**

**Decoders can be any size, any flavor, but preferably Digitrax. I will take
decoders with burnt functions if they still operate reliably for their remaining
functions. Please note which functions are damaged and how they got damaged, if
you know.

[Edit, 2/23/2011] Removed UR91