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August 26th, 1915 - February 18th, 2008

Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Ruby Basin" HO Timber Trestle Kit

Keeping with my tradition of waiting far too long between posts, it has been far too long since my last post.

I have changed my colors, first of all. I've switched from N scale to HO scale, for various reasons. The MAIN reason is, I have moved from Georgia to Connecticut (from my wife's home to my parent's home) and had not expected to stay up north as long as I have. I left ALL of my N Scale stuff in Georgia.

The next reason is that after buying a loco and then a DCC control system (Prodigy Advance detailed elsewhere in my bolg), I was never able to afford a DCC decoder and installation (since I accidentally bought a loco that was not DCC ready).

I came into a deal that I could not refuse and landed myself an HO locomotive with DCC installed. The deal was, that loco (in original packaging) to me in exchange for a single hand-built flat car made by myself (my first EVER, mind you..).

The loco is a Roundhouse 2-8-0 with ATSF roadname and numbers (599). The loco includes a Train Control System's (TCS) T1 DCC decoder. I also have an extra TCS T1 that is burnt out and TCS has said that they will replace it for me. I do not have photos of the loco currently, but when I eventually do, I will edit this post.

Here is the HO scale "Ruby Basin Timber Trestle (AHM 5824) that I just bought off of Craig'slist for $15 + $5 S&H. The trestle is over 20 years old and is complete and still in the original box, with no visible shelf wear.

Max finished dimensions are:
1 real inch = 7.25 scale feet
26" = 188' long
11.5" = 82' high
5.25" = 38' wide

There are 24 'bents' or legs for the trestle that range in height from 1.5 inches to 11.75 inches. There are also 3 water barrels for fire control and three ladders for escaping fires.

I haven't any glue yet so I can't do much with the trestle just yet. I intend to make a diorama out of solid foam to mount the finished trestle in and display it and a locomotive I have.