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August 26th, 1915 - February 18th, 2008

Monday, April 30, 2007

Been way too long, part 2

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Apr 29, 2007

Again, it has been WAY too long since my last post. Alot has happened that has kept me occupied with other things. Recently however, I was graced with a COMPLETE, brand new Radio Control system that can be used in any of my R/C projects, including this truck and the T-Bucket. Here is a photo taken from the ebay auction. Click on the photo for the auction's description.

One of the things I wish to do, starting the engine from the radio (and shutting the engine down as well) will be accomplished by using one of the servo outputs to control a relay that will directly control power to the starter motor. I searched the internet for countless hours trying to find a way to do this and was never able to. During a search for ""Radio Control" Battlebot" on Google, I came across a gem called a BattleSwitch, and it's little brother called PicoSwitch. They are made by Dimension Engineering of Akron Ohio and consist of a 240VAC 10A or 125VAC 1A relay systems respectively and are controlled off the output of a standard servo channel in a hobby grade radio control system.

Another step in the right direction is the engine that I found at SDScooters. It is a 33cc 2-stroke engine with electric start and including a 5:1 ratio transmission.