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August 26th, 1915 - February 18th, 2008

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Quick thanks:

Just a quick post to send a thanks out to Tim from timstrucks for the cab that he sent me so that I would have something physical to compare my thoughts to. Head on over to his site, he has a TON of pictures devoted to trucks and the IMPRESSIVE models that he builds of the trucks. There are pictures of his models side beside with pictures of real trucks and you literally cannot tell which is which!!!!

AWE INSPIRING WORK Tim, keep it up!

Tims Trucks

P.S. I can only wish that the picture above was the truck he sent ;)

[EDIT: 11-26-08] Tim's Trucks Website has apparently moved. The new location is:
the page for peterbilt trucks like the one I am building is here:

Check his site out! I am sure he will appreciate the traffic.